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Early detection of production and health problems to reduce losses in pig production

Published 2018-01-29

Disease andproduction disturbances in a herd are often silent, and may cause major lossesif they remain undetected. Continuous analysis and monitoring of data alreadyrecorded at the farm level can improve profitability. This project will developmethods for monitoring trends in production and animal health indicators, anddetect early signs of disease or other disturbances. The aim is to produceinformation that can help individual farms to avoid losses, as well as supportdisease surveillance. The study will compare different methods to develop acontinuous and fully automated system of analyses of production data alreadyrecorded on the farm (e.g. data on litter size/piglet mortality or feedconsumption). The result is an on-farm, data-driven alarm system for diseaseoutbreaks or other hazards that affect production. The system can also be usedto monitor the farm's productivity and health development. The results have thepotential to be used by all producers who record similar data, and can also beadapted to other species in animal production.