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One health surRveillance Initiative on harmOnization of data collection and interpretatioN (ORION)

Published 2018-01-29

The ORION project aims at establishing and strengtheninginter-institutional collaboration and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer inthe area of surveillance data integration and interpretation, along the OneHealth (OH) objective of improving health and well-being. This will be achievedthrough an interdisciplinary collaboration of 13 veterinary and/or publichealth institutes from 7 European countries. These agencies are committed toadopt best practice One Health Surveillance (OHS) solutions (guidelines,methods, tools and knowledge). Specifically this project will create:

•           an “OH SurveillanceCodex” (WP1) - a high level framework for harmonised, cross-sectionaldescription and categorisation of surveillance data covering all surveillancephases and all knowledge types.

•           an “OHS Knowledge Hub”(WP2) - a cross-domain inventory of currently available data sources, methods /algorithms / tools, that support OH surveillance data generation, dataanalysis, modelling and decision support

•           “OHS InfrastructuralResources” (WP3) – that are practical, infrastructural resources forming thebasis for successful harmonization and integration of surveillance data andmethods.

Developed solutions will be exemplified and validated during several OneHealth pilot studies in which other EJP research projects may join in. Thesepilot studies will support the operationalization and implementation of OHsurveillance solutions on a national level and provide crucial feedback forfuture development and dissemination actions. An open web-based OHS KnowledgeHub will facilitate this knowledge exchange. Trainings and workshops will beoffered to support and integrate with other EJP projects in their dataharmonization efforts.